Community Outreach
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2011 Casino Night Fundraiser
to benefit
Samaratin's Touch Care Center
2008 - The Heartland Association of Realtors has done their part in the fight against cancer by holding a Celebration of Life Fashion Show, featuring cancer survivors as models.  The survivors are pampered with everything from new hairstyles and makeup, dressed in beautiful clothing and wearing custom made jewlery.  They are taught by professional models to walk the runway.  The best part, other than raising lots of money, is that they get to tell their story to the audience and celebrate the fact that they are alive.  A very moving experience.  Here are a few of our awsome survivor models.

The Annual Post Office Food Drive took place on Saturday, May 14th. 100% of the food donations remained in Hardee County. The Hardee Help Center received 2,900 pounds of food, had 23 persons volunteer their time to either unloading or sorting food donations.

Thank you 2016 Realtor Volunteers! Jeanne Warner, Jean Eckman, Rhoda McCoy, Lisa Kneram, Sheila Richards, Rona Port, Sandy Larrison, Thomas Larrison